How To Become A Plus Size Model | Plus Size Modelling

4th February 2022

How To Become A Plus Size Model | Plus Size Modelling
Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter

So you want to be a plus size model? Then you have come to the right place. I am going to tell you all the info you need to become a plus size model and get you to those castings, and onto the runway or to that photoshoot. Everything from getting the right portfolio, being signed by an agent etc.  

It is so encouraging that now more than ever, the plus size modelling world is really flourishing and with these steps we can show you how to become a plus size pin up model. There are so many opportunities in plus size modelling now. 

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How To Become A Plus Model

If you want to be a plus size model, it generally means they are looking for sizes 12/14 -18, and 5’6” and 5’9”, however this can always depend on the brand you work with. There is more flexibility with commercial bookings in relation to plus size. I would say that once you have an agent on your side, you will be able to ask them any question you may have and they will take you through the process. But more on that later.  You should definitely take care of yourself and people will look for healthy skin, nails and hair, as these are things agents and casting directors will be looking at in your photos and in person. 

You should be very confident and be comfortable in your own skin. People need to be able to see why they should hire you. The fashion industry is having a radical change and see that plus size models deserve a place on a runway or brand fashion shoot.   

Top modelling agencies in North America and around the world offer plus size divisions. Here are just a few that you may want to look into:  

  • Wilhelmina
  • IMG
  • ICON
  • Next
  • Front Management
  • B&M Models
  • Models1
how to become a plus size model

How Do I Get Signed By A Modelling Agency?

You will need to send your online modeling portfolio to the agencies you know offer plus size modeling. Once you can do this the better. You need someone who you trust to create a portfolio for you to show to agents and then further down the line at castings. These will entail full body shots, waist up photos and headshots for people to really see the real you, and the potential you have for the role you are hoping to book.  It is important to remember that for castings, your make-up should be downplayed so you need to make sure that your photo looks like you. If you want to become a plus size model, the lighting should be natural and the clothing you wear, not too flashy. There should be a variety of shots with your hair up and down if you have long hair. 

There will usually be a ‘Want to be Model page’, which you can send your portfolio to. They will ask for all your measurements, so make sure that these are up-to-date. These can include the following; height, weight, bust, waist, hips, dress size, and shoe size. 

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You can also be scouted but it is generally the hardest way to get into the business, so applying online and definitely ensuring you have a great few sets of photos to send out at any given moment or if someone asks if you have any experience. Again, keep this updated at all times. 

Open casting calls can be a way into the industry and this usually happens when an agency wants to try and find someone new for their books, and see it as an interview, a casting and take it seriously. You can never make your first impression twice, so ace it and then you know you will have done your best job. 

Social media is a great source of work and will give you insight into how to be a plus model. Look for local photographers who can take your photos and jobs that they are scouring plus size models for. 

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How Much Do I Earn As A Plus Size Model? 

The average Plus Size Model in the US makes $35,429, so it can be a lucrative business. You will need to build up your experience if you are starting out, but with more jobs and networking and casting agencies remembering you from jobs, then you will secure more work. That said, the salaries of Plus Size Models in the US range from $10,060 to $181,237. 

Do Plus Size Models Work Out?

How to become a model plus size, then yes do exactly like any other model, focus on your health and have a strict fitness regime. It has be said that some people are just more curvy whilst others are skinnier. All the same, foregoring your physical health is not something you should be doing ig you want to become a plus size model. Exercise, eat well, ensure that your mental health is on top game and you should be booking jobs left, right and center. 

How To Become A Plus Size Model In Texas

Now, if you have followed all the advice above, then there is no doubt you can be a plus size model pin up anywhere in the world. But for anybody out there living in Texas, it is a fab place to be and the plus size model scene is heating up. 

The Texas based model agency Entourage Model & Talent Agency, regularly employ women over the age of 40. Their work is based in commercial and print ads for local and national brands. Texas is the hot spot for the best modeling and acting gigs alike. 

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Famous Plus Size Models

Ashley Graham 

Tess Holiday 

Iskra Lawrence 

Tara Lynn

Candice Huffine


And if you are still wondering how to be a plus size model, you definitely can be the same, and work for the likes of Chanel, Micheal Kors, and Fendi as it happens all the time. Just look at the plus size model called Jill Kortleve. She has managed to walk on the runway and if you follow all the advice above, then you will be walking in her shoes very soon. Or Fendi ones of your own!! 

How to become a plus size pin up model is easy, just make sure you take the pointers here and you will have a very fruitful career in modeling. 

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