Now, let's explore what models and actors do, their similarities and differences, and discuss their roles and lifestyles. We will also explain how using Center Stage can help skyrocket your career and set you up for the ultimate success. Keep reading for everything you need to know!

What Are Models And Actors?

Actors are performance artists who take on characters for stage, theatre, screen, radio, or commercials work. Actors tend to specialise in one of these areas as different skills are required for different mediums. Stage combat might be necessary for some plays, for example, while dancing or shooting skills might be needed for period film pieces. 

Models, in commercial spaces, are performance artists who use their image to promote products on behalf of clients. Companies like Zara or ASOS seek models who appeal to their target audience, often a similar age to their customers. Some products only require ‘parts models', such as nail polish advertisements or jewellery photoshoots. In this case, it is expected that the model's individual body part is a perfect fit and well-manicured.

Models and actors share a lot of key skills. Storytelling through expression, strength, excellent posture and agility, comfort with pressure and cameras, and adaptive to feedback. They probably also have some similar features – striking facial structure and experience adapting their look for different purposes. 

When looking to become a model and actor, artists will reach out to/be approached by agents. It is rare to find freelance actors and models as both industries are highly competitive. Modelling and casting agencies will often provide one agent to act as a client's port of call for both acting and modelling jobs – indicating they appreciate some similarities between roles and overlapping industry contents across both sectors. Both will have to maintain extensive portfolios of their previous shoots and experience as well as their measurements. Equally, both professions can require a lot of travel, short-term gigs, and anti-social hours.

There are, however, also clear differences between models and actors. You shouldn't assume that being capable in one area will open a career in the other without some research, experience, and hard work. Actors hone their physical performance skills for demanding physical roles, i.e. acting the role of a sportsperson or a dancer. Their voice must be fluent and project, as well as being adept at accents. 

Many actors also have musical or musical theatre experience so they can sing if required. Models, however, while not requiring all of these skills, will often have to carefully control their diet and fitness, be comfortable with haircare and make-up and ensure their physical health and looks are carefully maintained. Manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and headshots may be necessary expenses to gain employment.

Let's dig a bit deeper into what models and actors actually do. 


A model's job role depends on the kind of modelling they do.

High fashion models will have a striking, unique appearance bringing edge to the brands they work with and can achieve a cult or celebrity status that adds further cache to the high-end brands they represent. 

Many join the industry very young. For models in high fashion, the year will be focused intensely around Fashion Weeks around the world. Fashion shows are exhausting for professional models who could be walking up to 15 shows in four days in an incredibly high-pressure environment. 

Most commercial models will, initially at least, juggle more than one job as pay (outside of high fashion) is not always sufficient for rent costs in a big city. Being organised and good at communicating is essential. When last-minute casting calls might make or break your career, you don't want to miss them because you didn't sort out someone to cover you at work. 

Maintaining good fitness, diet and skincare in your routine is vital. It's also possible to do part-time or full-time modelling alongside other studies, particularly if you can do flexible studying online around any travelling.


Emerging actors will spend a lot of time attending auditions and memorising lines for parts. Being resilient and able to bounce back from criticism is absolutely vital. While stage actors often have to memorise whole scripts at a time, screen actors still need great memory skills and even more depth of understanding of their character, as filming will often bounce around non-chronologically based on the weather.

An actor can't be thrown by the fact that in the morning they have an emotional breakdown at their on-screen fiancée and in the afternoon, they are overjoyed at a proposal. Directing energy effectively in scenes is really important. Viewers shouldn't feel that this is the twelfth take, or twentieth night, energy must be maintained, or scenes will become dull. 

The job involves early starts for stage or screen actors, long hours on sets, and a lot of rejections before achieving success.

How To Become A Model And Actor

As we mentioned, being a freelance model or actor is an option but it is rare. Sure, some models get scouted off the street but if you want to build a sustainable career, it may be necessary to take some initiative! 

It's always possible to go DIY, but you'll need some great headshots and a very eye-catching portfolio to be scouted. It's often easier to go via the university or drama school route – most drama schools have scouts in attendance for final year performances. 

In the UK Mountview, East 15 and RADA are all excellent options for an Acting BA with great industry links. Most also take shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where word of mouth can do wonders and scouts are everywhere. The Fringe is a great bet for aspiring actors.

If you're serious about getting a career in acting and modelling, it makes sense to invest in an industry contact. You'll want to know how to find an agent for acting and modelling – you've come to the right place! Centre Stage are amongst the best modelling and acting agencies and are fully UK based, with 14 years' experience representing incredibly talented models and actors. 

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Now You Know All About Models And Actors

So, now you know the journey isn't easy, but hopefully you feel confident taking some initiative to pursue the career you love! 

We've learnt what models and actors do, their similarities and differences, and about their roles and lifestyles. We've also discussed how to get into acting and modelling. Why not check us out and trust our years of experience to get you the big break you've been waiting for?