How To Get Scouted For Modelling: Everything You Need To Know

23rd March 2021

How To Get Scouted For Modelling: Everything You Need To Know


Modelling can be an exciting, lucrative and varied career. If you’re successful you could be recognisable all over the world appearing in massive campaigns. Getting an agent is the first step and you need to know how to get scouted for modelling.

How to get scouted

There is always a chance you could get scouted on Instagram or even in public at places like festivals or events! Here’s our guide on how to get scouted.

What Does It Mean To Get Scouted As A Model?

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Firstly, being scouted essentially means being noticed by a professional from a modelling agency. Kate Moss was spotted in an airport and really recently Gucci model Clara Louise was scouted on her way to the gym in East London.

It can happen to anyone at any time and the scouts are just regular people more often than not just going about their usual business. 

Where Do Models Get Scouted?

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Traditionally model scouts will be around very public places. Going window shopping or actual shopping in places such as Oxford Street in London, festivals and concerts, new restaurants and even side streets and fast food restaurants will increase your chances of being seen.

Furthermore, there is no science on where to get scouted but the main point is to be out and about in public as much as possible, in places where there is a vibe or lots of new trendy things popping up.

You will have heard of the Love Island stars being recruited on instagram for the show. Well, models are getting scouted on social media more and more, especially after the pandemic. Build your page to be a portfolio of your skills as a model. Look at what your favourite models do with their social media. Lastly, follow all of your peers. Stand out in the crowd, be yourself and you too could easily get scouted on instagram.

How To Get Scouted For Modelling

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Ok so your instagram is looking fly, you’re doing all of the window shopping physically possible in the coolest places, how do you get noticed by a scout?

Look Natural

Firstly, scouts need to be able to see the real you. Don’t wear tons of makeup. They will always prefer a more natural look so they can see what they would potentially be working with.

Additionally, the same goes for hair, keeping it minimal will really work in your favour. Natural is beautiful! 

Dress Appropriately

This is along the same vein. Wear clothes you would usually wear that you feel great in. Don’t make a crazy effort and walk through Hackney in a wedding outfit. Scouts want to see how you appeal to a modern, diverse worldwide community.

Being yourself and wearing what you feel comfortable and confident in, is a definite way to tick that box for them. 

Be Approachable

The scouts want to meet you as much as you want to meet them. Don’t be afraid to have a real conversation with them if they approach you. Ask questions, be interested and definitely get their credentials. You need to make sure they are a reputable agent so definitely take their card or details and do your own research later.

Additionally, be sure to look for the Association of Model Agents. An independent board that represents all the trusted and reputable agencies. 

Promote Yourself On Social Media

Keep your content varied. Selfies are great to show you off, but scouts want personality too. Share your daily activities, things that make you smile, things that you love to read, listen to or be a part of. It builds a fuller picture of you and helps to make a connection, even if it’s through a screen.

Hashtags & Tagging

This is a great way to get scouted. You will have noticed celebrities and influencers tagging the designers of their clothes and accessories. There is a reason for this. Most of the time, they will be being paid to promote the brand directly by the brand.

However for you starting out, you should know there are teams of people at every brand looking for new people who already love their product, who wear it well and who know how to promote. Moreover, you want to seem like an oven-ready candidate to model for them. So tag all the brands in your posts! Keep it professional and make the brand need you to be on their side! Be sure to always check those DMs…

Follow, Follow, Follow!

Reaching out is no bad thing. Some agencies will say in their bio that they welcome DM’s from aspiring models. Follow agencies and introduce yourself to them in a message.

Furthermore, they will have teams who will look through your page. Know the difference between a high fashion agency, commercial agency, and catalogue agency. Lastly, tailor your approach differently between the type of agency you’re speaking to. 

Now You Know How To Get Scouted For Modelling


If you follow these steps on how to get scouted by a modelling agency and really commit to them you will start to see the fruits of your labour. But the main thing you will need is a work ethic. The hard work will never stop. The most successful models will work gruelling schedules, juggle near impossible diaries and be expected to deliver. So start as you mean to go on.

The greatest gift you have at your disposal is yourself. This guide on how to get scouts to notice you is just to allow you to realise your uniqueness and increase your chances of having it realised. Embrace who you are and good luck!

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