How To Become A Model: Becoming A Model UK & Elsewhere

28th October 2021

How To Become A Model: Becoming A Model UK & Elsewhere
Julia Hanlon

Julia Hanlon

Are you a skillful selfie pro? Do you have that power pose pizazz? If so, have you ever considered a career in modeling?

Nowadays the modeling industry has something for everyone; spanning across a diverse range of types and styles, there is a niche for every individual looking to get started in the modeling world. Read on as we guide you through how to become a model in the UK and elsewhere, a beginner’s manual for becoming a model if you will!

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Which Type Of Model Are You?

The first step in entering the game is to decide where you see yourself as a model, and which type of modeling would be most suited to you. With there being lots of different categories within modeling, such as fashion, commercial, runway or stock photos, it is beneficial for your portfolio to communicate the specific type of modeling you are best suited for. This boosts your chances of success for it helps to market yourself for the right role; making it an easier and quicker process for clients and agencies to book you. 

There is everything from foot modeling to runway modeling but if you are unsure of which category you would be best suited for, look into each modeling type and its set of requirements to see what feels like the right fit for you.

Building A Modeling Portfolio

Once you’ve discovered which type of modeling is for you, the next move would be to make a modeling portfolio. A modeling portfolio is essentially your resume for the modeling industry. It’s a collection of your work as a model that is most commonly presented as an online website or printed book.

It will contain some of your strongest images and personal details such as height, weight, measurements, dress size, shoe size, age, hair colour, eye colour and any noticeable body aspects like freckles or tattoos. It’s also a chance to tell your story and give impressions of your personality which all help to paint the whole picture of who you are.

It would be a good idea to arrange a professional photoshoot to capture a collection of images for your portfolio. Shots submitted to clients and agencies without a high-quality finish can greatly impede your chances of getting booked so hiring a professional would be advised.

The same process applies to any type of modeling, so how to become a model uk, how to become a victoria secret model, how to become a male model, how to become a fitness model, how to become a plus-size model, how to become a hand model, how to become a runway model, how to become a child model will all have the same process, but the portfolio for each of these will have to be specifically tailored to showing off your look and skills in that area of modeling.

For example, if you think you’d like to get into foot modeling, your portfolio will have to have a heavy focus on your feet and legs. They won’t be requiring lots of close-up face images or fashion shots but moreover paying attention to the role at hand (or foot!).

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Being Part Of A Modeling Agency

It is always helpful to have someone in your corner backing you to help get work. This is where the role of an agent or an agency can come in. These companies or individuals help refine your portfolio and get you booked on shoots best suited to your modeling style.

Applying to agencies would require you to submit your portfolio and in some cases, you would then be invited to have an interview or test shoot with the agency. It’s advisable to take time to research which agencies would benefit from the type of modeling you are looking to get into and include an engaging cover letter as to why you’d be a good fit. If successful the agency will have you on their books and be able to put you forward for opportunities.

Also, with Instagram now being such a significant platform to share content on, many agencies encourage users to add hashtags to their posts such as #scoutme[insert name of agency]. This means the agency can collate a whole pool of models to choose from without leaving the office. So be sure to follow some agencies you like on Instagram and keep a check if they are on the hunt out for any budding #models.

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How To Become A Model Without An Agency?

Many models work professionally without an agency, however, it can be a bit harder to navigate. But don’t let it deter you should you want to cut out the middleman and try to land some shoots solo!

The best approach to become a model without an agency is to utilise social media and be posting regular and relevant content. By creating your own following and network you are likely to form some organic connections and booking work for yourself. Just be savvy and always check with the terms and conditions of any job to ensure you are being treated fairly as a professional.

Similarly to when building a portfolio, it would still be beneficial to book in for a shoot with a photographer to get some high-quality photos ready for posting. Just make sure it showcases the areas you want to model in as this will boost your chances.

Some brands will also host casting calls when looking for models to front their next campaign. A casting call is essentially a type of audition where a group of models are invited to attend simultaneously. Casting calls are quick procedures intended to meet numerous competitors for a particular brief.

Casting calls are generally for individuals who are keen on doing more freelance work or feel suited to the specific brief of that casting. These can be done without the aid of an agency by keeping up to date on the socials and websites of brands or companies you feel you affiliate with as an individual.

You can apply to be a model elsewhere due to it being so easy to access agencies from across the globe online. Although it may be more practically viable to start with agencies that are local to you, you can apply and be part of multiple agencies simultaneously. The only stipulation is that by joining an agency in a certain location, they may ask you to not join any other agencies in close vicinity. This being so you can be a unique asset to their agency when booking shoots in that particular area.

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Now You How To Become A Model

After these guiding pointers do you think you are ready to dive into the world of modeling? We hope you’ve picked up some tips to help get you started and wish you the best in your modeling career. Remember – there’s only one you and that’s what will make your modeling career distinctive and original!

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