How To Become A Foot Model: Everything You Need To Know

17th August 2021

How To Become A Foot Model: Everything You Need To Know
Julia Hanlon

Julia Hanlon

Cashing in big cheques by showing off your feet may sound like an easy gig. However, being a professional foot model is actually a lot tougher than one might think.

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But, fear not for we are here to help you put your best foot forward by sharing how to find foot modeling opportunities. Additionally, we will explain how to become a foot model

Be sure to read on so you don’t miss out on any key information!

What Is A Foot Model?

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A foot model is a model whose feet are their main selling point. Feet models are required to sell shoes and sandals. Or perhaps even to go barefoot in an advertising promotion.

These promotions can range from shoe brands, beauty products, and exercise and wellness companies. 

How To Become A Foot Model

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Firstly you may need to have a long hard look at your feet! Before you start your journey to becoming a foot model, you need to examine your feet and foot shape. The main attributes needed to have a chance at scoring foot model opportunities involve; having flawless skin, manicured nails, high arches, and similarly proportioned feet.

In addition to commercially attractive feet, you may need to have toned legs and slender ankles. This is due to the fact that most foot modeling will require you to be showing your ankles and legs also.

Especially for example when modeling shoes; a shoe designer will not only want to show off how the shoe makes the foot look but also how the shoe makes the leg look.

If after some analysis, you think your feet may be up for the role you can then start to consider the best way for you to (quite literally) get your foot in the door with modeling agencies and brands. 

Foot Care

Any prior education or experience in foot modeling isn’t necessarily needed. But before signing yourself up for any foot modelling opportunities, you’ll need to be aware of the self and foot care you’ll need to commit to.

Some preliminary pointers would be to regularly exfoliate your feet to keep any dead skin or calluses at bay. Moisturizing regularly on top of this will help keep your skin super smooth and photo-ready.

Invest regularly in pedicures and although it may cause some wardrobe drama to cut out the heels, opting for appropriate footwear is important; having feet covered in bruises, blisters or grazes can put a foot model out of action and lose out on foot modeling opportunities. 

On top of maintaining a regular foot care routine, making sure your feet have the look and endurance for each shoot commands frequent stretching, massaging and light exercise. 

Often foot models are directed to flex and pose their extremities in uncomfortable positions for long periods. Without sufficient stretching and massaging, this can lead to pain and cramping. 

Certain leg and feet focused exercises can help strengthen your feet and legs but don’t physically push yourself too hard, your feet need to be free of cuts, bruises and injury! 

Building A Portfolio

You can get into the industry by building a foot model portfolio. A similar process to the one outlined in our recent article “How To Build a Modelling Portfolio” but in this case with a focus on feet. Having a foot modelling portfolio to present to potential agencies and companies will help you to acquire more foot model work and opportunities. 

For this, have a professional photographer take pictures of your feet from different angles and in various styles of lighting. Many clients and casting agents expect you to be able to show emotion, feeling, time and place with your feet and legs. 

Although it’s not an Oscar-worthy performance you are needed to convey, your feet must take the leading role. This means flexing your toes in just the right way to reflect the theme and emotion of the shoot. Come on big toe — you’re not looking happy enough! 

You can also include short videos in your portfolio to show how your feet move. This is especially important if you want to do commercials or other types of video advertisements. You can keep this portfolio organised online in a website or book format. Include an “About Me” section alongside a list of any relevant experience in modeling.

How To Find Foot Modeling Opportunities


One of the ways that modeling agencies or brands looking for models to front their next campaign find new faces (or feet) is by holding an audition. A group of models are invited to attend simultaneously. 

This type of audition is called a casting call. Casting calls are quick procedures intended to meet numerous competitors for a particular brief. Casting calls are generally for individuals who are keen on doing more freelance work or feel suited to the specific brief of that casting. 

Alternatively, you can apply to modeling agencies, this would require you to submit your portfolio and usually have an interview or test shoot with the agency. 

If successful, the agency will have you on their books and be able to put you forward for foot model work and opportunities. Many agencies have ‘Body Part Model’s on their roster that you could specifically apply for. 

How Much Does A Foot Model Make?

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Models can earn a substantial amount of money by modelling their feet for shoots and adverts. It does however vary due to certain factors. This includes whether you are freelance or hired by a big agency, the location, the brand that has hired you and the type of work required. 

Depending on these factors, body part models could earn up to £500 per shoot. Or, a body part model who is in very high demand could expect as much as £90,000 for an average salary per year. 

Now You Know How To Become A Foot Model


So perhaps it’s time to book in that pedicure or start a feet fitness routine now that you know how to become a foot model. If you think stardom is lurking underneath your socks then why not give it a go? Whether it be casting calls or agency applications. We hope this has given you the tools you need to go forth to toe-tally nail it! 

Hopefully, this article gave you food for thought! Whilst you’re here, why not check out some more of our articles on our blog? We recommend our guide on How To Get Scouted For ModellingHow To Prepare For A Model Casting, and How To Become A Hand Model to get you started!  

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