The Best Acting Podcasts Every Actor Should Listen To

21st November 2022

The Best Acting Podcasts Every Actor Should Listen To
Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter

Podcasts can be a great way to relax and learn something new at the same time. I am a huge fan of them and I know that if you are listening to one that you relate to, then you are more likely to keep listening and share it with others. So there are acting podcasts out there and I am going to give you the lowdown on which ones are the best. We all want to know how to manage dealing with the stress of your day job and your passion for acting, or how do I nail an audition? How do I manage my social media profile or how do I get an agent? These types of questions would be covered in all of the podcasts I will mention below. Also, some of them have some pretty high profile guests as well, so they are really interesting to listen to. 

Where To Find Acting Podcasts?

Where do you look for podcasts, and is it easy to listen to your favorite on a weekly basis? Yes it is thank goodness. Acting podcasts on Spotify are easy to listen to and very accessible. The podcasts I will mention here today are most likely to be on this streaming platform. Now you may already have a premium or free account so this means you could listen to one episode today. 

There are so many other platforms to stream your podcast however, such as Apple podcasts, Audible, Google podcasts, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio. 

Right, let’s get stuck in!

Off Camera With Sam Jones

This first podcast is exceptional as Sam Jones, a director, photographer, musician and skateboarder speaks to actors, as well as artists, musicians, photographers, skateboarders, directors and writers to see what decisions they had made to arrive where they are now. It is very down to earth and the atmosphere feels very genuine and natural. This is because of the way Sam Jones engages with his guests. He speaks to some A-list actors such as Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Greta Gerwig to name just a few. With their wealth of experience in acting and Sam’s gentle and curious personality, it makes it such an enjoyable match.

The Acting Podcast

This is one of the podcasts about acting that you should give a go. Risa Bramon Garcia (director, casting director, producer) & Steve Braun (acting coach, communications consultant), founders of The BGB Studio, discuss anything you would usually ask in any workshop, just the actor’s 101. It is all here and because once again the experience behind them, you know that the advice they give you will be invaluable. I have to admit if I like the sound of someone’s voice on a podcast I will generally listen to the next episode as it will instill a calmness whilst I am listening. These two do just that and for an actor someone stepping in as a mentor during the podcast has always been fascinating to me. They impart their wisdom on everything from how to get an agent, managing rejection – our favorite right? – to sefl-tapes. I would suggest you download an episode now. I would say that this is one of the best podcasts about acting. 

In The Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast

This is the podcast from Backstage, which is your guide to all things acting. They have guests who have been in the industry for quite some time, similar to Sam Jones’ podcast. For example, back in May of this year, host Vinnie Mancuso, Senior Editor at Backstage, interviewed Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster about their run of the Music Man and there have also been guests as Ana de Armas, Matthew Macfadyen and Adam Scott. This weekly show covers tv, film, commercials, voice over, directors, casting directors. You name it, they will have spoken about it to someone on this platform.   

David Tennant Does A Podcast With….

Now I’m sure you have all heard of this fine actor, and if you haven’t, well where have you been? He interviews the likes of Olivia Coleman, Elisabeth Moss, Judi Dench and Michael Sheen – there are so many more but I can’t list them all on here. The wit of the host and light heartedness of the whole podcast makes it an extremely easy listen and my only negative point is that there are only 2 seasons. I hope they make more. 

The Actor CEO Podcast

The home of acting tips, equipment, self tapes and so much more. Mike Monroe is the host, and is an actor himself He uses his prior knowledge and skills to demonstrate to each listener that your acting career has to be like running a business. There is no easy way round this and you have to be extremely good at marketing yourself in this industry. He is an actor in New York City and he essentially is saying that you are your own CEO as an actor, you have to put in the work. Nobody else will do it for you. 

Two Employed Actors

Created by Max Belmonte, an Australian actor, along with his co-podcaster Sam Folden who was with him for the first 100 episodes, it has a very comedic tone to it. They take us through the ins and outs, the ups and downs of being an actor. They bring together industry professionals to discuss topics such as auditions, agents, etc., and speak about their time in the industry. What does it mean when people say the business of acting? How to define what success means to you, or how best to navigate through the industry. These topics and so much more are all covered on the podcast.  

Voice Acting Mastery 

In terms of voice acting podcasts, the voice acting mastery podcast hits the nail on the head. As a voice actor, whether that be an emerging one or you have quite a few credits to your name, it is always useful to know other people are going through a similar journey to you. How do you stand out from other voice actors and book every role you get sent? Your skillset can only grow from listening to this podcast and with all the tips and tricks that Crispin Freeman shares, your career as a voice over talent can skyrocket. 

Voice Acting 101 Podcast 

Another superb example of a voice acting podcast, this one meets expectations and if you work in the world of voice, and want to know more about the voice over industry, then this one’s for you. This podcast is hosted by Jason McCoy. His podcast on Spotify has been running since May 2020 and he has been in the VO business for 20 years. So he has years of experience and knowledge to back up his advice. Whether that be setting up your own VO website, what is the best mic to use for voice over or how to take your voice over career to the next level. 

The Mono Box Speech Share Podcast

The podcast is hosted by The Mono Box’s co-directors, Polly Bennett and Joan Iyiola and they speak to some of the most loved people in the industry. Episodes are short and easy to access. Each guest also shares which plays they love and performs a monologue. Their conversations are honest and uplifting and I would urge you to listen to one of their episodes now. You will be inspired and know that whatever you are going through as an actor, undoubtedly someone else will have experienced it before.

I Don’t Need an Acting Class

Hosted by Milton Justice, in his weekly podcast, he will explore the craft of acting, based firmly on his study with the legendary Stella Adler and his years of being an actor himself. If you are searching for a podcast that depicts what techniques you need to inhabit to be an actor, then look nor further. Start listening now. His practical approach to acting has made this podcast an invaluable resource for many actors.

Closing Thoughts 

Well I hope this has been a helpful insight into podcasts and maybe you will create your own  one day. All you need is a good mic and knowledge of acting and I’m sure anybody reading this will have both of those, so why not try it yourself. Listening to podcasts offers you a different way to learn and also enjoy a creative output without having to look at a screen. They can be listened to anywhere – you might even like to listen to them on your morning run. So why not try one from this list here and see what you think.

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