All The Top Tips For Dance Show Auditions

1st August 2022

All The Top Tips For Dance Show Auditions
Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter

Dancers! You have plenty of dance auditions, but need the best advice on how to do this? Or have you been to so many that you just need to tweak your technique. What are the skills required to be a dancer, what are the casting directors looking for? What are open calls and how do you get a cruise ship dance audition? All of these questions will be answered, just keep reading. 

What It Means To Be A Dancer

As a dancer, it is your job to tell a story through the expression of movement, and with the assistance of music, there are many different styles and genres of dance. For example, you can audition for styles such as contemporary, classical ballet or modern stage dance. And this may be in front of a live audience, for film or television or music video. I would suggest picking a style that works well for you and hone in on that particular genre. As a dancer, you have to be strong willed, be talented and have the physical stamina to compete against other dancers such as yourself in the world of dance. Whether that be for hip hop dance auditions or for a royal Caribbean dance audition! The important thing to remember is that when you are in the room, this is your time to perform, so make sure you enjoy it.

What Is A Dance Audition

  • You will be split up into groups after intros and looking at your headshot. You will be asked to learn part of the routine or perform a certain dance move, and cut some of you there and then. Be prepared for this as it can be quite brutal. This can be repeated and there are more cuts. Auditions can last a few hours or a whole day. 
  • You will be given a number at the start of the audition so they can easily find you, CV, headshot.  
  • Casting directors will put people together to see how they work as a group a number of times. Once again, there will be cuts. 
  • They can whittle it down to the final dancers on the day or when they have about 20 people in the room, they can also ask for your CV, Headshot and dancing showreel at a later stage. Make sure that these are both up to date.  

Top Tips Before / During The Audition

  • Research the production – be aware of the production company and the show itself. If it is a long running production, there is no excuse not to know what the show is about or your character. If you are auditioning for musical theatre, you may be asked to perform 2 contrasting songs and a monologue. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing – you will be moving a lot throughout the audition and you need to feel at ease with anything the director asks of you. Bring layers along with you as you may be waiting some time before your audition. 
  • Know all the audition info beforehand
  • Learn the steps – do not be afraid to ask for the steps again if you need to, especially as you will be learning a long routine within a short space of time. 
  • Bring your CV and headshot along with you – print out one sheet of A4, with your CV on one side and your headshot/dance audition photo on the other. Your headshot should look like you and be a recent photo.  
  • Look the part, be presentable – keep your make-up natural and your hair ties up, out of your face. 
  • Make sure you stay in your spot – you need to stay where you are placed as this helps the panel. They may be writing notes on each dancer, so don’t move until you are asked to.
  • Do not bring too many things with you – bring a bottle of water and a small towel and snacks along with you.  
  • Warm up – this may be part of an audition, but it is crucial to do this beforehand. Find a space outside the studio space and don’t be put off  by others around you doing the same. 
  • Thank the panel – this is of course being polite but also another reminder of you as a performer. 
  • Confidence is key and enjoy it! 
  • Remember in a dance show audition, if you do not get selected for the next round, then please just exit in a gracious way and thank the panel for their time. 

Dance Schools London 

If you are looking for dance auditions in London, you may be sent to one of the following, and you can also take classes here too:

  • Pineapple Dance Studios 
  • City Academy 
  • Tip Top Dance School
  • Danceworks
  • London Dance Academy
  • Central School Of Ballet
  • The Place
  • London Contemporary Dance School 

Dance Schools Los Angeles 

  • Debbie Allen Dance Academy
  • Ruts Dance Studio
  • Stellar Dance Studio
  • LA Dancefit Studio
  • Hollywood Dance Center
  • Centerstage Dance
  • California Dance Arts and California Contemporary Ballet  
  • Maria Diaz Latin Dance

Dance Schools New York 

  • Peridance Center
  • Ballet Academy East
  • The Juilliard School 
  • Hip Hop Dance Junkies
  • You Should Be Dancing…! 
  • Joffrey Ballet School
  • Bridge For Dance
  • Mark Morris Dance Group 

Cruise Dance Auditions – What To Expect

Now if you are interested in dancing your way around the Caribbean on a cruise ship for about 9 months, oh and you have a voice on you, then just follow the same advice as above and you will be ready to sail the high seas. 

  • Leave yourself enough time before the audition and know where you are going so you are not late. First impressions are everything. 
  • Rest the night before.
  • I would recommend printing your headshot in a matte format.
  • Read the brief and make sure you bring along the right footwear for the audition.

Further Dance Opportunities 

If you are thinking,  what can I do alongside dance auditions and I want to earn a little extra money, then you can always go into teaching or even become a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. 

As a dance movement psychotherapist, you will work with those who have emotional, physical needs and through movement and dance you will help them express themselves. You need to assess someone’s emotional state and create choreography that they may be able to follow or let them improvise to overcome their difficulties. 

To be a dance teacher, you do require a professional qualification first and then passion for the style of dance you will be teaching is paramount. It cannot just be a job to you as you have to instill the same drive and energy in your students. You will offer feedback and support your students and critically have a responsibility for them. Depending on the style of dance you intend to teach, it will always include the following: technique, performance, and choreography. 

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it dancers, now you have all you need to book the job. Keep going and as Martha Graham once said, ‘Dance is the hidden language of the soul.’ Agreed! If you want to read more about dance, our famous choreographers article is right here for you. See you on stage or in the movies. 

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