Gifts for Actors – Our Top Picks

20th January 2022

Gifts for Actors – Our Top Picks
Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter

Have you ever wondered what are the perfect gifts for actors? These can include gifts opening night gifts for actors, gift ideas for aspiring actors, gifts for actors in a play, Christmas gifts for an actor and gift ideas for aspiring child actors. Let’s give you the lowdown and where to find them!

Gifts for opening night

So it is your friend’s opening night and what do you give them as a gift? Have you thought about sending a bouquet of flowers to the stage door? Bloom and Wild offer same-day deliveries which will be perfect, and you can even send them a personalised card for their big night wishing them good luck, or keep with tradition ‘break a leg’.  They even send a free bar of chocolate or a candle with some of their flowers, so you can’t go wrong! Why not try a bouquet of lilies, roses, snapdragons, ruscus, pistache and stocks? 

You can always make a few homemade treats to go along with the flowers, they will really appreciate it. You can never go wrong with some brownies or chocolate cake, even the crew can share it on opening night and it will be a bond for the whole production team. 

Gifts for aspiring actors

For all those aspiring actors you know, you really want to get them a gift that will spur them on even further and feel confident & passionate about the career they chose. An idea for a gift would be an acting book, which will have the best advice to help the actor hone their craft and build their skillset. You could even try Uta Hagen’s book called ‘Respect for Acting’, which entails a series of exercises connected to the character and the audience. These include, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where am I?’, ‘What is My Relationship?’ and ‘What are the given circumstances?’. These are part of the 9 questions actors should ask themselves when playing a character, so I would highly recommend this as a gift for an aspiring actor. For any actor, their shelves at home will be full with acting books, and it is a really vital skill to have, to be curious and to always be learning. 

Another idea is workout gear. As any actor will tell you who is at drama school, taking classes to keep up with their training or at regular rehearsals, gym gear is vital to maintaining a good lifestyle. Stamina is key to making it in this industry and working out is essential to the actor’s well-being, psychically and emotionally. 

books gifts for actors

Gifts for actors in a play

An actor’s dressing room should be full of personal mementos and photos of friends and family. So why not give them a sign to put up on their wall or a personalised photo they can look at every night as they put on their makeup or do those vocal warm-ups? For instance, a theatre sign they can put up on the wall will I’m sure brighten up their day – and evening!

Any performer will be working long hours, burn a lot of calories, and always on the go, so it is essential they keep their energy up and recharge. To do this, they need to keep all their food – always healthy of course – in one place. This is where you come in and buy them a lunchbox. There are many different styles, some are leakproof and or even come with 2 tiers. They will be very grateful. 

Christmas gifts for an actor

Ok, on to Christmas presents for actors. Now, we all want to give that special person the right present, especially at Christmas, so why not spoil them with classes with an acting coach or circus skills lessons, which will only go onto improve their CV – maybe you could join in the circus class too and have some fun yourself. This is the time for giving, and Christmas gifts for actors which are an experience that can be just as meaningful as something material to an actor. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for an actor, what about a painting or singing class? A lot of actors are multi-talented so I’m sure there is a class or workshop for any skill. Also, it will be something to look forward to in the New Year. Also, journals, make-up bags, t-shirts, mugs, etc., with humorous theatrical front covers or logos will spark joy in your actor friend or family member. These will be used daily and always a comical starting point for a conversation between cast members. 

flower bouquet

Gift ideas for aspiring child actors

It is very important to remember a lot of actors start their careers at an early age and you may be thinking, what would I give as a gift to an aspiring child actor. Once again, getting them into classes, workshops, maybe even 1:1s would give them the opportunity to really excel and perform. Be surrounded by like-minded people and just have some fun. Or give them theatre tickets and then take them to a show. Make it a special occasion. If they are ready for Shakespeare, then try and take them to a show too. The earlier they can get on board with the language the better. You can also buy them books which center around theatre, films and television, and if they want to read plays, then that is something you should encourage too. You could also encourage weekend and evening classes which they can attend after school. 

And here’s an extra gift idea – Equipment gifts for actors

Actors are always in need of equipment, which can be expensive, so if you can help them secure that call-back because of the tripod or backdrop you bought them they will be indebted to you forever. If you can buy them a tripod with a ring light already attached or microphone for audio and voiceover roles, this will go down very well. They will be booking jobs in no time! There are plenty of low-mid budget microphones that are compatible with shooting on an iPhone and sound is key for a self-tape 

That’s all folks! Now you know what to buy your fellow actor when they book the part, take their bow on stage or are just starting out.

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