Acting Coach: Where to Find One & How to Be One

27th January 2022

Acting Coach: Where to Find One & How to Be One
Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter

So, have you ever thought if you need an acting coach or debated whether you think you have the right qualities to be one yourself? Do you need the focus an acting coach will foster in you for the next role or help you develop the character on the drama series you have just booked? Then let me give you all the details you need and put you on the right track. I will advise you on what they do exactly, where to find them in both NYC and LA, how much do acting coaches charge and how to be an acting coach. 

What Are Acting Coaches?  

Acting coaches work with trained professionals – new or seasoned – in television, theatre, film and musical theatre. They work with actors to really bring the truth and depth to their skillset. This can be done in 1-2-1 sessions or on set to give advice as you to improve your acting performance. They are mentors who build a relationship with you, and offer their knowledge and insight. They can help with audition technique, and self-tapes, which are vital now in our industry as so many more castings are requiring self-tapes rather than face-to-face meetings. Acting teachers in LA and acting teachers in Los Angeles will be able to provide online tuition as well. Covid has had an effect on casting and we all need a mentor to rely on to teach us how to nail that job remotely. Acting coaches can become friends and trusty advisors, and bring out the best performers in us all. 

actor practicing her lines

Areas of specialisation acting coaches work on

Audition Technique


Script breakdown 

Emotional preparation for character development

On camera technique (self-tapes)

How To Get An Acting Coach 

You may be asking where do I find acting coaches near me and how do I find an acting teacher in Los Angeles or in NYC? Look no further. 

acting coach

Acting coach Los Angeles  

  • Ivana Chubbuck. Her drama school, Ivana Chubbuck Studios has been running for the past 30 years and it is such a success. She has worked with stars such as Charlize Theron, Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth – to name just a few and her book, ‘Power of the Actor’ is a global hit. She teaches one-to-one session, workshops and classes.  These can be either be online or face-to-face. You can find out more on her website and book a session.  
  • Larry Moss.  His technique is founded in the workings of Meisner and Stella Adler. He is highly regarded amongst helping actors become award nominees and winners. His masterclasses, one-to-one coaching sessions and his book ‘The Intent to Live’ are insightful and not to be missed. 
  • Bernard Hiller – He studied with Stellar Adler and Eric Moss. He is well-renowned around the globe, but does masterclasses in LA which will be a career changing, transformative experience.  He speaks of investing in yourself, so people will invest in you. 
  • Howard Fine. A protégé of Uta Hagen, as an acting coach, Howard will help you develop your craft, and works with every level of actor. He will help you prepare for auditions and further develop your character. 
  • Margie Haber studio. Margie provides on-camera audition technique, kids acting classes, Self-Tape Studio Cold Reading/Warm reads for adults, kids and teens. 

Acting coach NYC  

  • The T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre offers help with audition technique, find and unpack any acting blocks you may have as a performer and under character development at greater depth. The extra acting coaching builds on the skillset you have, but you can really dig into the script and let them propel you forward in the career you deserve. This can be done online or in person sessions. 
  • Michael Maize will help you with auditions, self-tapes, building confidence, acting basics and career guidance.  He will focus on truth and how to bring this out in your character in the scene. 
  • Caryn West, is an Audition Coach and teacher. She works on set, in the studio, and online. Her experience and knowledge in the industry is well known and she is respected by her peers and clients. She works with private clients at the WeHo studio, NYC and via Skype/Facetime. 
  • The Maggie Flanigan Studio has provided professional acting classes in NYC for over 30 years and launched the studio in 2001. Her coaching is founded in the Meisner technique and it has drawn in many talented actors, directors, playwrights interested in the technique. 
  • Terry Knickerbocker Studio has a holistic approach to teaching students and opened in September 2015. Terry has direct lineage to the Sandy Meisner and just some of the graduates he coached are Sam Rockwell, Boyd Holbrook, Emmy Rossum, Leslie Bibb, Yul Vazquez, Gretchen Mol. 

Reaching out to a studio or drama school as well as going online will be the most efficient way of finding out more about an acting coach in both Los Angeles and NYC as they will be able to provide the best contact details. 

actor on stage

How Much Do Acting Coaches Charge? 

If you are wondering how much is an acting coach, typically, any private acting class can charge from $50 to $300. In Los Angeles, for individual acting classes acting coaches will charge anything from $85 – $200/hr.  In NYC, it may range from $80 – 180/hr. It does depend on the location and experience of the tutor.  

How To Be An Acting Coach

There are certain criteria you have to follow if you want to be an acting coach, and help actors gain a fuller understanding of the character and the craft itself. For example, if you want to be an acting coach, you have to work in a specific area of expertise. Specificity is going to be your USP. Be honest in your work and give your students exercises that you believe they will excel in. This will lie heavily in the goals you set them in your first session and then you can build on them. You need to hone into the individual you are coaching and set goals that are achievable but that also give them the right degree of challenge. 

As an acting coach, you will need a list of references of the places you have taught. And of course, having a large number of contacts is a very worthy advantage in being an acting coach. Typically, acting coaches will be connected with casting agents, directors and producers so network as much as you can and make a great first impression. If you have worked with recognisable names then they will garner more respect and more likely to be incredible at what they do. 

actors and acting coach in rehearsal

As an acting coach, your personality and communication style are vital. You will more than likely be a people person and be open and honest. As well as having expertise in one area, you should be able to teach the fundamental techniques that are the bedrock of acting. So having knowledge of Stanislavski, Meisner, Method etc. are all extremely important to being an acting coach and then ensure you hone in one just one so you can offer your students an individual experience. 


We’ve covered the basics of acting coaches, where to find them and how to be one.  You should feel more confident now with finding an acting coach and how to start the journey yourself if being an acting coach is your calling. Being an acting coach can be real game changers to an actor’s performance, and we can rely heavily on them for support. Finding the right one for you is only going to get you that Oscar.

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