How To Work At Disney: Work At Disney World & Disneyland 

1st April 2022

How To Work At Disney: Work At Disney World & Disneyland 
Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter

Have you ever wanted to know how to work at Disney and become a Disney performer and is it your dream to dress up as Belle or Snow White? I’ll tell you how to apply to work at Disney World for the summer or anytime really, how old you have to be to work at Disney World, all the pros and cons of working at Disneyland, and how much you will earn as a Disney prince or princess! Read on to make your wishes come true. 

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The Walt Disney Resort 

The world-famous resort offers an unparalleled experience for those performing and those being entertained at the resort. There is even a ‘Disney Look’ which performers have to meet but it is there for them to be kept safe as well. So in essence, you can perform as safely and proudly as you can. Because you want to be able to be Pocahontas or Minnie Mouse to the best of your ability on the day. 

There are also benefits of working at Disneyland, such as health insurance, child care, paid time off, a retirement package, wellness programs, exclusive discounts and even commuter assistance if need be.

The Disney Cruise Lines

This is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company and was created back in 1995. There are so many opportunities for performers on board the cruise liner and there is so much fun to be had entertaining the families and Disney fanatics. You will have the chance to experience all the benefits and discounts yourself if you chose to perform as a Disney character.   

Working at Disneyland, there are many things you will be asked do, and you will need to do:

  • Meet and greet
  • Be very comfortable performing in front of a large group of people
  • Work with diverse families, including those with special needs and families that speak other languages.
  • Pose for pictures
  • Resemble the character’s appearance 
  • Walk in parades and special appearances
  • Sign autographs 
  • Be comfortable wearing a costume in hot weather
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Character Look- Alike vs. Disney Performer

These jobs are very similar, however as a performer, you will more likely be singing, dancing, acting and meeting the tourists, the character look-alike will be walking in the parades and waving to the audience. 

How Much Do You Get Paid As A Disney Performer?

In both the Disneyland resorts in both Florida and California, you are looking to get paid per hour between $10-12 and will be paid weekly. It is something to consider as a performer. You will work 5-6 days per week and these shifts may be anywhere between 8-12 hours per day. And something else to consider are turn short around shifts, where there could be as little as 8 hours between two shifts.  

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How To Work At Disney World As A Character

Firstly, you have to be 18 years old if you want to be performing at Disney World. If you are local to one of the theme parks, you have the right experience and you have a passion for all things Disney, you will more than likely be able to work at any resort around the world. Be open to working at other resorts around the world. There may be roles in Florida and California in the U.S.; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France; Hong Kong; and Shanghai, China.

You need to have the right to work in the country where the Disney resort is. 

There is a height requirement at Disney but of course this depends solely on the character you are hoping to perform as. In general, as long as you are between 4ft8in and 6ft3in, then you will be able to play any character.

As a Disney performer, it will be expected of you to have a slender or athletic build, and you must have a positive, enthusiastic attitude as you will be working alongside the members of the public where it is your job to entertain. You should also resemble the character you are performing as in some way and strong acting abilities are essential if you are wanting to be a Disney princess in the magical kingdom. 

Basic coordination with music and being in strong physical shape are both key to being a Disney performer, as you will be asked to dance, sing and act for long periods of time. Stamina is vital.

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So How Do You Apply To Work At Disney World? 

There are Disney auditions on the Disney website and these can range from roles at Disneyland Paris, a resort in the US or on cruise liner. You can audition either in your hometown or online. You can sign up for daily alerts to your email through the Disney website so you will be the first to know about any opportunities.

For character positions at Walt Disney World, there are auditions held in Kissimmee, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Round Rock, Texas, just to name a few locations. Auditions for jobs in parks around the world are often held in the U.S., but Disneyland Paris auditions are typically held in France.

You can create a profile on the Disney careers website and make sure it is up-to-date. At the auditions, you may be asked to perform a movement routine, so like any other dance or movement audition, wear comfortable clothing. 

The Pros And Cons Of Working At Disneyland 

It is important to know what the advantages and disadvantages to the job of a performer at Disney World are. 


  • Free admission. So when you have some free time, you can explore the park yourself for free. 
  • You get to make life-long friends, and some people have relocated from around the world, so you become like a big family. 
  • The magic is real. You get to make magic everyday and especially when someone or a whole family has a very special day and you are part of it, the experience couldn’t be better.


  • Low wages. This means that you may be making just above the minimum wage and that can be difficult at times. 
  • The weather can be hot and humid, depending where you work and certainly wearing a costume for long periods of time in these conditions can come at a price, but you have to keep smiling.  
  • Long hours. There are shifts called Extra Magic Hours, where you will work 14 hour shifts or even longer on the peak days. There are times when you may be working an evening shift and then have 5-6 hour to sleep before working a morning shift back to back.
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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, that is all you need to know about how to perform at Disney World. The magic kingdom is waiting for you. So be part of the candlelight procession and perfect that wave and come and join in the fun. 

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