Tips On Your Musical Theatre Audition

4th February 2022

Tips On Your Musical Theatre Audition
Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter

Ever wanted to know how to prepare for a musical theatre audition? Then you have come to the right place. You will discover the process behind auditioning, including recalls, what are the best songs to sing and what to wear to a musical theatre audition.

What Are The Guidelines Ahead Of Time For A Musical Theatre Audition?

You will be sent a list of the people you are meeting beforehand and if you need to prepare a piece for the audition. If you are sent material ahead of the musical theatre audition, then make sure you know this as best you can. This will be between 16-32 bars of a song, and if you are asked to bring your own material, it is best advised to have a song book made up of relevant songs if the directors ask you to sing something else. This may happen if there is an open call for a musical and you can choose your own music. 

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Also, ensure that the music is easy for the pianist to place on the music shelf and if you can tape your sheets together if you have a few as then they won’t need to keep turning the page. 

You may be privy to the date of a recall, however you can always ask this in the audition if it is not clear.

What Do You Need To Do Before The Audition?

Research the musical and have questions prepared for the casting directors so as to make a good impression. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to improvise on the day and the more confident you will feel. 

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On the audition day

Make sure that you arrive early, I would say 10-15 minutes early. 

Depending on the type of musical theatre audition, they can last anytime between 5-20minutes. For some musical auditions, you may even be asked to take part in an audition which lasts for about 3 hours, which is more like a workshop and you can be asked to do a group dance or learn a song together, to see how you collaborate, maybe even have the chance to improvise.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in, as you may be asked to perform a dance number and bring a bottle of water if you are at a dance call audition. Remember to bring the correct shoes for the dance call. 

Just be in the moment and listen to the notes if and when these are given to you by the director. 

For both the vocal and dance part of the musical theatre audition, ensure you warm up prior and during the call ask questions if you are unsure. After having danced a movement for the audition, there will be a delay in receiving feedback if there has been a large group of you. 

hamilton on broadway

If you are auditioning on the same day for the dance and vocal calls, you can ask for an estimated time so you know if and when you can take a break. 

If you are an actor and not a trained dancer, you may be asked to come in to auditions for a movement call. Your agent will be able to give you all the information needed for the audition. 


After successfully nailing your first audition, there will likely be a fairly lengthy recall process. This could even be up to 9 recalls before landing the well deserved and most sought after part.

I advise you to learn the songs they have sent to you very well and wear the same outfit as they are looking at how you interpret the material.  

If there is a delay in the recall process, be patient and your agent will keep you informed of any changes made. 

A good way to really understand the piece you are singing about is to book a private lesson with a coach and dig deep. You will have been given advice by the team on how to perform the material, but always remember to be flexible and be able to be present on the day. 

If there is another recall, you will be confident enough that you are suitable for the role, so the musical director and director will work intimately with you and will be given more specific notes to see how you react and what you could potentially bring to the character. 

There may be a 4th, 5th or 6th recall so be prepared to know the songs or steps inside out and you will build a more personal relationship with the panel. Being present, open, allowing yourself to experiment and just going for it is the way to secure the role. 

Remember that due to the high number of other people auditioning for the same role and this industry being quite fickle, if you do not get the role at this point, don’t be disheartened and know they will remember you for future roles.


Musical Theatre Audition Songs

So you ask yourself, can you use a pop song for musical theatre audition or what are the easy musical theatre audition songs? Should I sing ‘On my Own’ from Les Miserables or ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’ from Funny Girl? You definitely can sing a pop song, but the main idea is to try and be original and choose something that will showcase your talent in front of the director. What about the following songs;

  • Cabaret – ‘Cabaret’ 
  • All That Jazz – ‘Chicago’
  • I’ve grown accustomed to her face – ‘My Fair Lady’
  • In my Own Little Corner – ‘Cinderella’ 
  • Still Hurting – ‘Last Five Years’
  • Requiem – ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ 
  • On My Own – ‘Les Miserables’
  • What Baking can Do – ‘Waitress’ 

Has someone asked do you even have to sing in musical theatre auditions? It is a given for a musical you have to sing, but you will be given ahead of time what competency level will be expected of you. They are more than likely going to ask you to read sides, see you dance part of a number and sing a few bars of a song. 

les mis on broadway


That’s all you need to know for now for how to audition for musical theatre, but follow these steps and no doubt you will be booking roles very soon. You have to be hard working, physically fit, determined and passionate to audition for musical theatre but you will get there. 

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